Vibra-Peen Machine Parameters

Almen strip readings (force/energy) ~ amplitude of vibration (how hard hit).

Saturation effects – amplitude of vibration and ~ time/frequency of vib.

Frequency of vibration does not affect amplitude of vibration. It only affects time required to get given effect, i.e. how often it hits.

Process is temperature independent for our possible range of temp.

Drainage/coolant (compound) flow rate dampens forces, lengthening time cycle. Once submerged it has very large effect. Need compound to clean and rust protect but not provide too much lubrication.

Fixture to machine significantly more aggressive than fixture to earth.

Location of part affects result. Probably linear affect as one moves radially away from center of the mass. (Assuming mass at center of gravity of drive train force.) i.e. closer to tub walls more aggressive.

One can obviously shield areas of part and channel media force onto areas.