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Are you manufacturing mass-produced automotive components?

Or perhaps creating uniquely formulated brake systems for track racing?

We are experts in improving durability, friction performance, noise reduction, and aesthetics. All while meeting automotive specifications for precision and process control. We are also AS9100D:2016 | ISO9001:2015 | IATF 16949:2016 | ISO14001:2015 | ISO45001:2018 certified.

We partner with global vehicle OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, custom rebuilders, and aftermarket tuner firms. Our technicians blend pressure differentials, activated media, cleaning agents, and surface treatments. Our work revolves foremost around the thermal stability, impact resistance, structural integrity, kinematic function, and environmental requirements. These are often sought after characteristics in critical automotive systems. This engine, driveline, suspension, steering, braking, interior structures, and electronic housings

Optimizing Strength, Longevity & Safety

Although vehicles have evolved over the decades, failure risks are still associated with component fatigue stresses. Our surface improvement processes help remove unwanted vibrational harmonics, corrosion mechanisms, or debris-infused wear. These have remained vital focus areas at Vibra Finish.

We help eliminate sharp defects, enhance fatigue strength/toughness, improve damping, or enable material consolidation. The ultimate goal is to advance automotive safety in every aspect.

We also have separate equipment, test protocols, and processing guidelines for distinct material specifications. These may often include precision requirements for high-volume powertrains and advanced driver assistance systems. Our team is no stranger to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality standards. We have a deep understanding of industry-specific regulations and customer-specific requirements, and we have maintained these certifications for decades.

Advanced solutions for
Complex products

Pound for pound, modern vehicles comprise some of the most exceptional industrial value chains. Durable surface materials and proper conditioning prove indispensable across engines, chassis, and critical path components to enable decade-plus lifecycles. We are here to help at every stage.


We round exposed metal, alloy, superalloy edges on cam shafts, clutch plates and cylinder heads to prevent oil passage tears blown head gaskets and premature transmission wear. Our team has the expertise to deburr all types of automotive parts according to cleanliness specifications. We know that the automotive industry processes more parts than most manufacturing industries combined. As a result, we have developed efficient deburring processes to handle high-volume production volumes without compromising on quality.

Shot Peening

Our shot peening service removes tensile stresses. It can enhance the strength of automotive components, providing longer-lasting performance. We can go deep within connecting rods, crankshafts and drive shafts to prevent high RPM harmonics and fatigue failure when under high tensile loads. In an industry where every second counts, our shot-peening processes ensure that vehicles can go the distance.


Vibrapeening is quite similar to shot peening. It can also improve the strength and resistance to fatigue failure of automotive materials. However, the process is more suited, applications that require compressive residual stresses as well as smooth surfaces as it uses larger media to achieve a deeper compression layer, while improving surface finish, all in one process. This is ideal for applications such as drive shafts, control arms suspension components, and safety harness systems..


End customers expect a vehicle that is clean inside and out. Beyond the exterior, parts like gears, clutch plates, and shocks must meet cleanliness specs. That means degreasing and removing any machining fluids, dust, and other contaminants from the materials before painting or assembly.

Surface Preparation

We can achieve a homogenous finish through processes like vibratory media tumbling and shot blasting. Our profiles guarantee high level of function, uniform finishing and proper paint adhesion, consistently across millions of parts. This step is crucial in many automotive components.

Rust Removal

In some cases, rust has already crept into essential applications like transmission boxes or suspension components. Whether new or used, our team can eliminate rust and restore the surface of automotive materials.

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Frequently Asked Automotive Questions

What types of automotive parts do you work with?

We service small fasteners and large die-cast pieces across powertrains, fueling, emissions after treatment, drivelines, wheel ends, electrical substrings, belt drive accessories, brakes, and interior systems. Our surface improvement services span the entirety of the automotive industry.

What sectors of the automotive industry do you serve?

Our team provides finishing services for a variety of sectors within the automotive industry, including passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, off-road vehicles, military vehicles and more. We can also accommodate high-performance racing suppliers, restoration shops, and production engine/transmission remanufacturers.

Do you offer environmentally friendly finishing options for automotive parts?

Yes. We strive to cut our impact by using sustainable processes and materials in our finishing services. From bio-based cleaning processes to PFOA-free coatings and oil separation recycling, we continue to evaluate and adopt green treatment practices. We also have systems in place to dispose of any waste from our processes.

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