Ensure cleanliness and prepare your parts for further processing
with our washing and degreasing services.

What is Washing?

Industrial parts washing refers to the process of cleaning and removing contaminants, such as grease, oil, dirt, or metal shavings, from various components used in manufacturing or industrial applications. This cleaning is typically achieved through automated machines, solvent baths, aqueous cleaning systems, or ultrasonic cleaning methods, ensuring the parts are ready for further processing, assembly, or inspection.

Washing and Degreasing at Vibra Finish

Washing and degreasing is a crucial step in the surface treatment process. It removes contaminants, oils, grease or residue from the part’s surface, ensuring it is clean and ready for subsequent processes such as machining, welding, coating, plating, or final assembly. We offer high-quality washing and degreasing services to meet our clients’ cleanliness specifications. We use alkaline cleaners, acidic cleaners, mild acids, and soaps to prepare materials for further processing.

Prepare your materials for further processing by washing and degreasing.

Cleaner Surfaces

Washing and degreasing effectively removes any dirt, oils, or debris from the surface of a part, ensuring it is free from contaminants and ready for further processing.

Improved Adhesion

By removing any residue or contaminants from the surface, washing and degreasing can enhance the adhesion of subsequent coatings or plating. This results in a stronger bond and better overall performance of the part.

Enhanced Quality

Washing and degreasing can improve a part’s overall appearance and quality by removing any imperfections or blemishes caused by oils or contaminants.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our washing and degreasing process uses environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for us and the environment. We are committed to sustainability in all our processes.

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Frequently Asked Washing Questions

How do you ensure the components are immaculate and free from contaminants?

We use a combination of specialized cleaning solutions, high-pressure washing, and drying techniques to ensure that all components are thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants. Our quality lab uses cleanliness testing equipment to ensure our washing processes meet the cleanliness specifications set-forth by our automotive and aerospace customers.

What types of materials can be undergo washing and degreasing processes?

We can wash and degrease a variety of materials, including metal, alloy, superalloy, plastic, and rubber. Vibra Finish has experience working with an array of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas and marine. We provide customized solutions for your cleanliness specifications.

Can my materials be washed and degreased before and after other surface treatments?

Yes, washing and degreasing can take place be done before and after other surface treatments to ensure maximum cleanliness and adhesion. Some parts require cleaning before and after shot peening, or other treatments such as laser marking, machining, or welding. Contact us to identify the process that best suits your needs.

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