Rust Removal

Safely and effectively remove rust from your components to ensure their
optimal performance with Vibra Finish's rust removal services!

What is Rust Removal?

Mechanical rust removal is a method of eliminating rust or corrosion from metal surfaces using mechanical means, vibratory finishing (tumbling), or shot(abrasive) blasting techniques. This process physically abrades the rusted layer, restoring the metal’s original appearance and often preparing it for subsequent treatments like painting or protective coatings.

Rust Removal at Vibra Finish

Abrasive blasting, vibratory finishing, and contactless de-rusting techniques are among the best treatment methods to remove rust from different types of metal, alloy, superalloy. We also offer additional services, such as surface preparation and protective “Rust-Guard”, to prevent future rusting or corrosion.

Extend the lifespan of your parts with rust removal.

Improved Performance

De-rusting can restore the surface of your materials to their original condition, resulting in cost savings from preventing the need for replacement.

Prevent Future Corrosion

We can also apply protective coatings and or treatments after the rust removal process to prevent future corrosion and extend the lifespan of your components.


Rust removal is a cost-effective solution for restoring old or damaged parts instead of replacing them.

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Frequently Asked Rust Removal Questions

Can you perform rust removal on large or complex parts?

Yes, our team has experience working with a wide range of part sizes and complexities. We can provide customized solutions to remove rust effectively from any part.

How long does the rust removal process take?

On average, the rust removal process can take minutes or hours depending on the extent of the corrosion and the size of the parts. We can provide an estimated timeline based on your specific de-rusting requirements. Overall, our efficient process ensures quick turnaround times for all projects.

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