Agricultural Component Finishing Solutions

Meeting the Demands of the Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Component Finishing Solutions

The agricultural field spans integrated harvesting equipment, tractor powertrains, and broad implement lines. Vibra provides indispensable surface conditioning and corrosion defense solutions. Our services promote extended maintenance intervals and working longevity. We treat parts for planters, cultivators, spray applicators, and affiliated farm machinery assets when durability proves paramount.

Agricultural systems are subjected to punishing seasonal duty cycles, abrasive particles, and weather extremes. They need robust manufacturing and finish processes, enabling years of dependable performance. Vibra leverages over 50 years of optimizing durability, corrosion resistance, and functionality of critical tillage tools, tractor powertrain parts, harvester components, and more.

Built Tough for Extensive Use

Successful farmers and custom harvesting operations run lean equipment downtime during critical operating windows. That can devastate productivity and profitability. Removing micro defects in metal, alloy, and superalloy components and enhancing surface engineering, Vibram’s offerings measurably extend maintenance intervals and working longevity of agricultural assets despite increasing raw material costs and tighter tolerances.

Advanced solutions for
Complex products

Across four facilities, we are able to offer a wide range of surface treatment services. Concerning the agriculture industry, service areas include:


Our deburring services eliminate burrs and sharp edges from agricultural applications like hydraulic cylinder shafts. We round all sharp edges, spurs, fixture points, and other protrusions on agricultural gears, blades, and other engine parts that pose laceration, tear, or foreign object debris risks.

Shot Peening

Cold working processes on components like external tractor lift arm and shovel surfaces enable thinner castings and weldment designs. You can retain the requisite mechanical properties to endure repeated field shock loads.


Fatigue resistance and compressive stress are two advantages of our vibrapeening service. We produce better-cycled tillage and trencher chains, augers, bearings, couplings, and drive shafts.


Cleanliness specifications are arguably more important in agriculture than in other industries. We thoroughly clean all types of farming components, adhering to food-grade contact standards. No chemical or soil residuals remain on surfaces that could prompt contamination violations.

Surface Preparation

This step occurs before applying weatherproof coatings on agricultural equipment. We strip aged paint finishes and mechanically profile metal, alloy, superalloy surfaces to descale. An even finish allows for optimal adhesion of the latest protective primers and topcoats against corrosion over years of punishing use

Rust Removal

Since most work takes place outside, agricultural equipment is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Rust can quickly form and weaken metal, alloy, superalloy surfaces, leading to costly repairs or replacements. We can restore corroded agriculture parts compromised after prolonged exposure to weather and seasonal fertilizers/chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Agricultural Component Questions

What types of agricultural parts can you work with?

We handle critical components found on tractors, cultivators, seeders, sprayers, combines, implements, hay tools, irrigation machinery, and more. Essentially, the entire range of agricultural assets.

Do you have experience meeting industry standards for agricultural finishing?

We sure do. From ISO to ASTM, we are well-versed in adhering to industry standards for agricultural material improvements. Our team can meet the tight dimensional tolerances and operating lifetimes between overhauls. We respect seasonal duty cycles and corrosion resistance requirements placed on farming materials and machinery by manufacturers and end users.

How does your shot peening benefit agricultural tools?

Shot peening involves impacting a part’s surface with spherical metal, alloy, superalloy shot particles at constant velocity. This process creates compressive stress and strengthens the surface. As such, we intrinsically improve fatigue performance. This results in fracture toughness and corrosion resistance of agricultural components. The final goal is to enable lighter designs, longer work intervals between repairs, and better weatherization while retaining strength.

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