Achieve a smooth and uniform finish and improve
the strength and lifespan on components with Vibrapeening.

What is Vibrapeening?

Vibratory peening is a surface treatment process used to improve the fatigue strength and performance of metal components. Vibratory peening is used to increase the lifespan and reliability of aerospace, automotive, and industrial parts subjected to cyclic loading or stress. This not only increases the lifespan of the part, but can also be used in the design stage of part manufacturing to reduce the weight of the part resulting in improved efficiency of the assemblies that these parts are built for.

Vibrapeening at Vibra Finish

Our innovative vibrapeening process combines the benefit of vibratory tumbling and shot peening in a one-step, time-efficient process. This helps achieve the desired fatigue strength through peening action and simultaneously a smooth, uniform finish on the component. Vibra Finish is the only company in the world mastering the control of this new process for its highest efficacy.

Achieve a smooth and uniform finish and improve the strength and lifespan on components with Vibrapeening.

Improved Surface Quality

Vibrapeening reduced surface roughness and imperfections and smooths rough and uneven surfaces. This results in a consistent, high-quality finish on all part surfaces.

Increased Durability

The process generates residual compressive stresses on the component reducing the applied stress at the surface of the component. Moreover, vibrapeening provides a smooth, polished surface, which prevents the fatigue crack from initiating on a rough surface. Vibrapeening significantly increases the strength and durability of components being processed by combining two beneficial effects. This is especially important for parts subjected to repeated loadings, impacts or contacts.

Enhanced Appearance

Vibrapeening can give your materials a polished, uniform and brightened look, improving its overall appearance and value. This is beneficial for components that rely on visual appeal to the end-user.

A variety of Applications

Vibrapeening is suitable for any metal, alloy and superalloy parts , making it a versatile solution for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and advanced manufacturing sectors.

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Frequently Asked Vibrapeening Questions

How long does it take for Vibrapeening?

The duration of our vibrapeening process varies depending on the size and complexity of the application. Feel free to contact us for an estimate based on your specific requirements.

Can parts that are Vibrapeened undergo other surface treatments?

Vibrapeened parts can undergoe different surface treatments, such as shot peening or passivation, to achieve specific results. However, in most cases, this may not be required since Vibrapeening provides the benefits of both peening and surface finishing. We can work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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