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Behind complex weapons systems sit thousands of mission-critical parts. These range from small control components to intricate turbine engine assemblies. Each one features fine-tuned advanced materials and processes, the culmination of cutting-edge autoclave molding, CNC work holding, high velocity forming, or additive manufacturing steps.

We provide that vital last-mile production validation. Our versatile production transition services surround ammunition, firearms, vehicles, aviation, marine, and other military asset treatment.

Vibra Finish helps advance the performance, safety, and readiness of critical military materials. We recognize the cleanliness specs of tactical field equipment and complex weapons systems. After all, they must endure punishing combat maneuvers and diverse environmental extremes across air, land, and sea.

Unwavering Standards for Mission-Critical Hardware

Anything less than perfection could carry grave consequences for service members or civilians relying on military technologies. Our team of specialized technicians leverages extensive DoD finishing experience. We serve military branches, major Primes, and strategic global allies. Through this experience and our certifications, we deliver quality well beyond acceptable.

Advanced solutions for
Complex products

We offer a wide range of services for the military industry. Each meets the highest standards of quality and precision, including:


We can eliminate all types of hazardous sharp edges and fragments from components. Explosive ordnance, breacher apparatus, and even barrels or rails could cause danger without it. Since deburring is also crucial to proper fit and function, our process ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Shot Peening

We enhance fracture toughness by inducing deep residual stresses. Unlike other industries, where the focus might be more on surface finish or cosmetic aspects, the military sector employs shot peening primarily to extend the life and performance of materials subjected to extreme operational stresses. Firearm components can significantly benefit from improved fatigue lifespans. We also strive for the general durability of diverse critical assets. Artillery, armor, aircraft structures, and weapon platforms are all exposed to extreme stresses.


Bigger parts with deep pockets or intricate geometries need specialized care. Our team employs a proprietary process to finish high-value applications with tight tolerances. Through a combination of unique fixturing and precise control, we save our customers considerable time and repair/overhaul costs. Vibrapeening also allows for better finishing consistency than manual methods.


Our team uses a wide range of cleaning methods, from alkaline cleaners to acidic cleaners and mild acids. We remove manufacturing and environmental contaminants from weapon systems, engine components, and electronics before treatments or coatings are applied. For example, the presence of oil or grease on a weapon scope can ruin a soldier’s accuracy and potentially jeopardize a mission.

Surface Preparation

The even finish we achieve comes from both chemical stripping and shot blasting techniques. We prepare military vehicles and materials to achieve optimal adhesion for upgraded nano-ceramic and other advanced coatings. One common application is reloading spent shells. It requires precise tolerances for correct fit and contaminant removal. We handle the surface preparation process for all calibers.

Rust Removal

We are equipped to remove rust and restore the surface of military parts like barrels and armor. We ensure they are corrosion-free before any coatings are applied. This step increases the longevity and performance of critical military components, especially when exposed to rigorous duty, where rust can quickly deteriorate their effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Military Industry Questions

Do you have experience working with military specifications?

Our technicians are held to strict quality protocols from MIL-STD and other defense quality guidelines. We understand the grave risks of any deviation when servicing parts protecting soldiers and civilians.

What types of military parts can you work with?

We have experience working with a wide range of military applications, including but not limited to specialty aircraft applications, weapons systems, vehicles, equipment, and more. Our team is equipped to handle a variety of sizes and complexities of military components.
We handle critical ground vehicle powertrain elements, fixed and rotary wing structural components and panels, tactical equipment housings, missile assemblies, artillery barrels, and soldier support and protection hardware.

Do you offer customized solutions for military finishing?

Yes, we do. At Vibra, we understand that each military organization may have specific cleanliness specs and standards for their applications. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and how we can help.

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