Surface Preparation

Get the perfect surface finish and prepare your parts for coating, painting, or plating
with Vibra Finish's surface preparation services!

What is Surface Preparation?

Our surface prep techniques include shot blasting and abrasive finishing. The process prepares materials for downstream painting, fabrication, and final assembly. Since aerospace parts like engine turbines and air frames must withstand high temperatures and pressure fluctuations, these treatments offer superior functionality and longevity to the parts that undergo surface preparation processes

Surface Preparation at Vibra Finish

Before materials can undergo further processing, such as coating, painting, or plating, they must have a clean and consistent surface. Our surface preparation services include shot blasting, paint removal, vibratory finishing and high pressure washing. These ensure that your components are free from contaminants, imperfections, and damaged areas. This results in a homogeneous surface finish and improved performance of the materials.

Achieve the perfect surface finish with surface preparation.

Contaminant Removal

Surface preparation effectively removes any dirt, oils, or debris from the surface of a part, ensuring it is free from contaminants and ready for further processing, like varnishing.

Improved Appearance

By removing imperfections or blemishes, surface preparation can improve the overall appearance of a part, resulting in a smoother and more polished finish.

Enhanced Performance

A uniform finish can also improve the part’s performance by removing any damaged or weakened areas. This is especially beneficial for applications subjected to high stress or wear.

Vibra’s Surface Preparation

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Frequently Asked Surface Preparation Questions

What types of materials can undergo surface preparation?

Our surface preparation services suit a variety of materials, including metal, alloy, superalloys alloys, plastic, and a variety of additive manufacturing materials. We have experience working with different industries and can provide customized solutions for your surface preparation specifications.

Can I choose the level of surface finish I want for my components?

We can work closely with you to determine the desired level of surface finish for your parts. Depending on your preferences, we can provide a variety of options, from rough finish to highly polished pre-coating finishes.

What is the cost of surface preparation services?

The cost of our surface preparation services will depend on the type, size, volume and the extent of finishing required, additional specialized services can also play a role in cost. We will provide a customized quote based on your specifications and budget.

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