Aerospace Finishing Solutions

Providing Finishing Excellence for Aerospace Parts

Aerospace Finishing Solutions

A minor surface defect or non-visible sublayer anomaly is unacceptable in aerospace. It could cause catastrophic in-flight failures. As an indispensable line of defense for commercial and defense OEMs, Vibra Finish provides precision quality assurance finishing processes. We help validate manufacturing integrity, which is essential for managing liability and avoiding disruptive post-production issues over asset lifetimes spanning decades.

Our services include shot peening, Vibrapeening, deburring, washing, vibration mass treatment, and more. All to meet the strict airworthiness and performance requirements of the aerospace industry. We collaborate with aerospace Primes and MROs, engine manufacturers, SATCOM providers, and more. In fact, some of our customer’s parts are orbiting the planet on satellites right now.

Vibra Finish has been an integral partner in improving
processes and materials for aviation leaders

Our experienced technicians constantly enhance precision components to increase productivity and profitability. These parts can be found within the hot and cold sections of engines, flight control hydraulics, fuel systems, and helicopter rotors. We also work on airframe structures, power generation, and distribution.

Robust process customization allows our equipment to match sensitive alloys and composite specifications. We tightly monitor batch controls to ensure the adherence of strict aerospace repeatability standards.

Advanced solutions for
Complex products

We offer many surface improvement solutions tailored for aerospace components and flight hardware. Our offerings deliver the safety, longevity, and performance that aviation demands.


We eliminate burrs, cuttings, jagged protuberances, and all other edge defects from aerospace parts. The goal is to prevent components like deicing mechanisms or landing gear from vibrating, jamming, or fracturing when subjected to flight loads. Our mass finishing technology and techniques deburr even complex interior geometries.

Shot Peening

The process of shot peening strengthens aircraft structures exposed to incredible cumulative fatigue stress cycles. Think landing gear cylinders, axles, engine cases, turbine blades, frames, fuselage panels, or helicopter rotors structural parts. Our strict process controls and validations ensure proper intensity, coverage, and repeatable achievement.


Vibrapeening utilizes media that buffers surfaces to greatly improve fatigue resistance and contact properties using both beneficial effects of smooth surface finish and compressive residual stresses. These factors positively impact drag, structure, engine sealing, avionics performance, and long-term corrosion resistance.


We clean all residual particulates, oils, salts, and other contamination off component surfaces. This process aims to meet your unique cleanliness specifications. Washing is ideal for propellers or turbine blades before subsequent coating or treatments. Washing ensures proper adhesion and corrosion resistance and prevention.

Surface Preparation

Our surface prep techniques include shot blasting and abrasive finishing. The process prepares materials for downstream painting, fabrication, and final assembly. Since aerospace parts like engine turbines and air frames must withstand high temperatures and pressure fluctuations, these treatments offer superior functionality and longevity to the parts that undergo surface preparation processes.

Rust Removal

We can also restore corroded materials from long-term storage or exposure to operational environments to clean metal, alloy, superalloy. It is essential for overhauling, re-protecting and returning components to airworthiness. Derusting techniques include shot blasting, abrasive grinding, and chemical stripping.

We Hold These Certifications

Our technicians stay familiar with the latest aerospace finishing protocols. No matter the component, material science, or intended operating environment. They do so through regular training and certification aligned to aircraft manufacturer’s requirements. We provide metal, alloy, superalloy treatment services like Vibrapeening, deburring, shot peening, surface preparation, and treatments to meet FAA, EASA, and Defense quality specifications.

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Frequently Asked Aerospace Questions

Do you have experience working with aviation regulatory standards?

We sure do. Vibra Finish adheres to specifications from top OEMs to guarantee safety and reliability. No aircraft takes flight without perfect parts that pass FAA, AS9100, and EASA standards. Our team is well-versed in the strict standards and regulations of the aviation industry, and we re-certify annually.

What types of aerospace parts do you work with?

We service small and large components for all aircraft and spacecraft, from connecting rods, camshafts, and springs to avionics, flight control mechanisms, space imaging hardware, and satellite components. Our solutions cover the entire range. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist with your treatment process.

How do Vibra Finish's processes ensure the quality and precision of aerospace parts?

Our team prides itself on specialized techniques by certified technicians. We follow a strict process tracking with faultless logistic in a FOD free environment to guarantee repeatability and no defects of the treated parts. We are leaders in precision mass-finishing equipment, collaborating and partnering with our clients closely. Our stringent quality control checks at each production stage help prevent mishaps. We scrutinize every aerospace application to guarantee flawless, reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

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