Vibra-Glo Compounds

Vibra-Glo Compounds

Vibra Finish has mastered every aspect of the metal-finishing process – including cleaning, polishing, smoothing, and deburring – making it Ontario’s go-to source for industrial finishing. But the company’s services also extend to selling a variety of media, compounds, and other materials to help customers with their private finishing applications. The Vibra Finish inventory includes 13 types of Vibra-Glo compounds for various applications, from burnishing to rust removal.

Cleaning, Smoothing, and Polishing Surfaces

Vibra-Glo compounds play an important role in the finishing process. Users throw these finishing compounds together into a system with water and media, and the machine’s sliding or tumbling action causes the compounds to clean, polish, and smooth the surfaces of the metal parts.

Wet compounds are available from Vibra Finish. They typically come in a paste form or are used with water in wet finishing processes. In addition, these compounds are formulated with properties that are tailored specifically for use in either tumbling barrels or vibratory systems.

Vibratory compounds are designed for finishing in vibratory machines, which are usually relied upon for thorough cleaning and deburring of delicate parts or parts with bores or recess that are difficult to reach. These compounds are also well suited to large surfaces. Adding a vibratory compound, along with selected media, to a vibratory machine that contains parts for mass finishing causes the machine’s rubbing action to have an abrasive effect on the parts, helping to clean them more effectively. Another benefit of compounds is their suspension properties, which stop the debris that arises from depositing back on the parts, thereby keeping the abrasive action constant.

The lineup of Vibra-Glo compounds available includes five types of rust inhibitors, two alkaline cleaners, two all-purpose cleaners, two mild acidic burnishers, and one type each of powdered concentrate and washing compound. The range that Vibra Finish carries is ample evidence of the many ways compounds benefit the finishing process.

Trust Vibra Finish compounds for a better finishing job every time.

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