Tougher, Harder Surfaces

Tougher, Harder Surfaces

When parts require strong surfaces, there are several methods used to achieve the desired hardness and durability, including nitriding, shot peening and heat-treating. Vibra Finish, however, has developed a technology that produces a tougher, harder surface than most other methods — its Vibra-Peen Surfacing Technology.

The difference

Most fatigue, failure and cracking begins at or near the surface of parts. Typical treatment methods convert the undesirable tensile stress produced by forming and machining into surface compressive stresses, peening over small surface imperfections and cracks to reduce their effects.

The Vibra-Peen process takes a different approach, producing repeatable uniform compressive stresses to reduce crack initiation and propagation in metal parts, and significantly improve part life. In addition, Vibra-Peen Surfacing Technology is able to reduce surface finish roughness, which can contribute to the formation of cracks, to a level not obtainable by traditional finishing methods. These smoother surfaces improve the load-bearing capability and reduce the destructive frictional forces. Corrosion effects are also reduced since dirt does not accumulate as easily. The result is a longer part life, and a reduction in costly maintenance, breakdowns and warranty claims.

Vibra-Peen utilizes a unique dual-shaft drive configuration and state-of-the-art control system to deliver the vibration in a controlled manner into the selected media, which also makes it much more efficient.

Each Vibra-Peen system is custom designed to suit the customer’s unique application, as machine size is dependent on part size.

More details

Vibra-Max Surfacing Technology is available from Vibra Finish, a Mississauga, Ontario based production finishing company. Vibra Finish has 40 years of experience in machinery manufacturing and production finishing, and has earned a reputation for offering an uncompromising focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

To learn more, contact Vibra Finish.

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