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Our Rebuilding Services Give Old Machines New Life. As experts in vibratory finishing of metal parts, the Vibra Finish Ltd team knows its way around machinery, whether dealing with a barrel or a vibratory tumbler. Our company uses first-rate equipment for finishing applications and sells finishing machines to customers for their own private use. Vibra Finish also offers expert machine rebuilding services to make older machines as good as new again, through repairs, repainting, refurbishing, or just installing new liners.

Our machine rebuilding services include repairing or refurbishing any specialized finishing equipment back to its original state. With all of the necessary resources, parts, and staff experience at hand, we can perform rebuilding operations on vibratory finishing machines, tumblers, screeners/separators, conveyors, and handling equipment. Vibra Finish staff can also customize existing machinery to meet a customer’s newer requirements. Whatever the need or budget may be, Vibra Finish can do it.

Refurbishing is a common choice for tuning up older finishing equipment. This is because many businesses invest sizable portions of their money into these machines, and restoring them to their original states can be a lot less costly than purchasing new equipment. Fortunately, Vibra Finish can help. Our refurbishing services include rust removal, resurfacing, blasting, painting, and rebuilding drive systems, along with repair work. All these steps contribute to breathing new life into old machines.

Not only does Vibra Finish provide machine rebuilding for existing equipment; it also sells older and used equipment that has been refurbished to its original state. Organizations looking for finishing equipment can simply go to the shop section of the company’s website to find refurbished machinery alongside new equipment, media, compounds, and more. Filling in a Product Enquiry form or calling (905) 625-9955 is all that is needed to place an order.

With expert rebuilding work, what is old easily becomes new again at Vibra Finish Ltd.

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