Production Finishing

Production Finishing

Vibra Finish Offers Production Finishing Services from Its Four Plants.

For close to half a century, Vibra Finish Ltd. has been the top source for industrial finishing services for metal parts in Ontario, with an unsurpassed range of capabilities. This includes full production finishing. The company has access to more than 150 pieces of processing equipment at its four plants, allowing it to offer this service seven days a week. From deburring and burnishing to full vibratory finishing, the company’s range is unmatched.

Production with Value-Added Potential.

The Vibra Finish team has satisfied countless customers over the decades with its spectrum of production services. The company works closely with clients to understand their special, unique needs, in order to find ways to minimize costs and make the project more efficient.

Vibra Finish can provide a full production finishing experience with the following options:

  • Deburring. The company uses several methods of removing burrs.
  • Burnishing. Smoothing the textures of rough surfaces for a better shine.
  • Descaling. Removing the buildup of scale after heat treating.
  • Peening. Including shot peening.
  • Vibropeening. An exclusive technique for tougher, harder surfaces.
  • Polishing. Top results from multi step process.
  • Rust Removal. An essential service in the summer season.
  • Cleaning. Thorough cleaning of every part.
  • Drying. Using corn cob and hot-air dryers.
  • Corrosion Protection. Protection for transport and increasing storage life.
  • Tumbling. Tumbling with a diverse selection of media options.
  • Centrifugal Finishing. High energy method for various processes.
  • Blasting. Cleaning surfaces by shooting pressurized abrasive material and/or preparing metals for surface coating.

Vibra Finish offers myriad services from start to finish – not only processing metal components, but also sorting, packaging, shipping and assisting with light assembly. This full range of services results in production with value-added potential.

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