For over 40 years Vibra Finish has offered compounds that not only give our customers the best results, but they are also environmentally friendly. Vibra Finish ensures that our compounds are blended using the highest quality ingredients and the strictest quality controlled procedures. Vibra Finish tests all of our custom blended products in our Production Finishing facilities and our Sample Parts Processing Laboratory prior to releasing for sale. When you choose a Vibra-Glo compound you know you will receive a quality product, at competitive prices, in a timely manner.

Vibra Finish offers liquid Alkaline Cleaners, Acidic Burnishing Compounds, Washing Compounds, Rust Inhibitors and powdered cleaning and abrasive compounds to meet all your finishing needs. We are continually developing and testing new products to meet our changing environment. The requirement of the finishing compound is to keep the surface of the media and the parts clean, and to ensure a consistent process; the key to consistent quality. The choice of compound will depend on the material to be treated, the desired surface finish and the individual application and process requirements. Liquid compounds are most widely used, as they can be metered at the correct dilution rate using an automatic compound dispensing system. Powder compounds are recommended for special applications.

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