Vibra Finish Tips

Vibra Finish Tips

Vibra Finish has logged close to half a century of experience in finishing metal parts for Canadian businesses. Their process involves altering the components’ appearance through smoothing, polishing, deburring, and/or cleaning. Plastic and synthetic media combined with Vibra’s compounds are very effective at creating a desirable finish on softer materials, such as aluminum. Vibra Finish suggests that users place parts into a vibratory finishing machine with media and compound, so that the parts rub against the media with the compounds’ assistance. The result is a strong smoothing effect.

Better deburring and smoothing

There are many types of compounds and plastic and synthetic media for sale in Vibra Finish’s catalogue. The Vibra Finish team uses these products in its own finishing services, to get top results.

Also known as tumbling stones, synthetic and plastic deburring media come in different preformed shapes and with varying degrees of abrasive content. This lightweight media is perfect for applications requiring soft, abrasive finishing or involve brass or aluminum parts. They also work for general-purpose deburring, pre-painted finishing, and quick, heavy cutting. Although shine is minimal, finishes are smooth.

Plastic and synthetic media comes in several shapes from Vibra Finish: cones, pyramids, wedges, or triangles. Triangles work best for corners and flat surfaces, and cones suit parts with holes. For parts with complex geometry, combining different shapes results in optimal finishing.

Compounds improve the efficiency of media, and they can also increase the foam level or lubrication inside the machine to polish the parts. Another function is to improve the grinding effect, which results in better deburring and smoothing. Vibra Finish recommends compounds for degreasing and cleaning applications, since they help to emulsify and suspend dirt, while also removing scale. Another major advantage is imparting anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties on components to lengthen their lifespans.

Finishing compounds typically come in liquid, powder, or cream form, each made out of ingredients in varying proportions to give them a distinct acidic, alkaline, or pH-balanced property.

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