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Vibra Finish Limited offer services to the Aerospace Industry. Vibra Finish Limited offer services to the Aerospace Industry that include Vibropeening, Vibrostrengthening, Shot Peening, Shot Blasting, Washing, Rust Inhibiting, Packaging, Labelling and Sorting. Please call Dwayne at: 905-366-8289 or [...]

Vibra’s Machinery

Vibra’s Compounds & Media


In any mass finishing operation, choosing the right combination of media, compound and equipment is the first step to achieving quality results economically. Ceramic, plastic and steel media is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and [...]

Sample Parts Processing Lab:
You Need It, We’ll Gladly Provide It.

Vibra Finish can process your samples in our Samples Parts Processing Laboratory. Let our expertise find the solution to common problems such as rust, heat treat scale, burrs, rough surfaces, jagged edges, greasy/oily parts. Our surface finishing techniques ensure that your parts are ready for coating, painting and/or assembly.

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Vibra Finish Ltd Services
Vibra Finish Ltd Services

Why Choose Us

  • 43 years of experience, long exposure to the diversified market,
  • 24/7 operations from 4 plants, no deadline ever missed,
  • Over 150 pieces of vibratory equipment waiting to process your parts,
  • Extreme volume processing power, efficiency and accuracy with final delivery,
  • Vibra is recommended by thousands of happy clients.

What Our Clients Say

For many years, Vibra Finish has been our go-to subcontractor when we needed parts blasted in a timely manner. Vibra Finish provides great customer service from the pick-up of parts to the delivery. They provide prompt quality service while always focusing on the customer’s needs. Vibra Finish is a quality subcontractor that is customer focused and driven. The staff at Vibra Finish is very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for blasting services. Thank you!
Barbara J.
Vibra Finish has done everything possible to accommodate our needs. And they always do it with the utmost professionalism. Dealing with Vibra keeps us coming back. The working relationship they have with their customers is unimpeachable.
Patrick P.
Our company takes pride in finding suppliers that partner with us so that we can exceed the expectations of our customer and Vibra Finish has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making it so easy.
Bill M.