Mass Finishing Parts With Vibratory Machines

Vibra Finish has served Canadian businesses since 1971 with the most diverse range of finishing services and skills. One key edge that makes the company successful is its unmatched collection of finishing machinery. Our Ontario facility is equipped with machinery to handle any mass-finishing task a customer may demand. [...]

The Advantages of Sandblasting During Finishing Processes

For close to half a century, Vibra Finish has offered industrial metal-finishing services above and beyond customer expectations. The company’s many skills including burnishing, surface engineering, deburring, rust removal, and vibratory finishing. Another key example is metal blasting – a process for cleaning or finishing surfaces with a special [...]

Vibra-Glo Compounds Give the Finishing Touch

Vibra Finish has mastered every aspect of the metal-finishing process – including cleaning, polishing, smoothing, and deburring – making it Ontario’s go-to source for industrial finishing. But the company’s services also extend to selling a variety of media, compounds, and other materials to help customers with their private finishing [...]

Choosing Tumbling Media For Vibratory Deburring Machines

A common deburring machine used for mass-finishing parts is a vibratory deburring machine, or vibratory tumbler, which utilizes abrasive tumbling media to deburr, clean, or polish unfinished or dirty parts or objects. At Vibra Finish, the abrasive media and unfinished or dirty parts are put inside a large drum. [...]

How to Produce Tougher, Harder Surfaces

When parts require strong surfaces, there are several methods used to achieve the desired hardness and durability, including nitriding, shot peening and heat-treating. Vibra Finish, however, has developed a technology that produces a tougher, harder surface than most other methods — its Vibra-Peen Surfacing Technology. The difference Most fatigue, failure [...]

Client Testimonials: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

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